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Welcome to Worthington Mews.org

This website was designed for the residents of Worthington Mews. It is our hopes that the site will provide the community with an easy method of access important community related information and make interactions with the Home Owners Association more efficient. The site is a constant work in progress so, please take a look around and let us know if there are any features you would like to see added in the future.

Above is a menu bar, which allows you to access the following features.

Assets : Allows you to view the HOA's current assets.
Board Members Bio : Learn more about your current board members. Also contains information about the people being nominated to the board.
Budget : Allows you to view the HOA's current budget.
Community Events : Allows you to view upcoming events. You can also add your own events to the calendar.
Community Suggestions : Allows you to submit suggestions to the HOA.
Contacts : Allows you to send an email to the Pinnacle Properties, individual board member or the webMaster.
FAQs : A list of frequently asked questions.
Forms : Allows you to down load copies of the Architectural, Nominations, and Proxies / Ballots forms.
HOA payment : Allows you to sign up for automatic payment of your monthly HOA fees.
Home improvement : Allows you to share your home improvement ideas with the community. You can also read or leave feedback about local companies.
Notices : Online copies of any notices sent out to home owners.
Project List : See what upcoming projects the community has planned.
Refer a friend : Allows you to send an email to a friend telling them about Worthington Mews' website.
Rules + Regs : Allows you to down load copies of the Home Owners Convince, parking, and pool rules.
Towing Info : Contact information for the community towing company.